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Dessert Recipe - La Pomme

Dish: La Pomme

Granny Smith Apple Compote


Granny Smith Apple (300gm)

Sugar (30gm)

Pectin NH (5gm)

Caster Sugar (5gm)

Calvados (22gm)


  • Cut apple into cubes.

  • Make a dry caramel with 30gm sugar, add apples and cook, add pectin NH previously mixed with 5 gm of sugar and boiled.

  • Flamed with Calvados. Fill in mould and put a piece of almond sponge.


Cinnamon Streusel


Plain Flour (100 gm)

SCS Butter (100 gm)

Sugar (100 gm)

Cinnamon Powder (3gm)

Ground Almond (100gm)


  • Mix all and bake in oven at 170 for 15 mins until brown. Chop finely.


Cinnamon White Chocolate Streusel


Baked Cinnamon Streusel - cooled (100gm)

White Chocolate (30gm)


  • Mix white chocolate and baked cinnamon Streusel and roll into +- 0.2cm thickness.

  • Cut using a small cutter.


Granny Smith Apple Mousse


Apple puree (188g)

Egg White (75g)

Sugar (75g)

Gelatine Leaf (10g)

Meadow Fresh Whipping Cream (188g)


  • Form a swiss meringue by placing egg white and sugar in Bain Marie until it reaches +/- 65 degrees Celsius while whisking continuously. Transfer to a mixer and whisk until cool.

  • Warm the apple puree and add in gelatine leaf, previously hydrated in ice water. Fold both mixtures gently.

  • Lastly, fold in whipped cream.

  • Cast mousse in apple mould and insert the Granny Smith Apple Compote and fill up with the rest of the mousse and finish up by topping a disc of Cinnamon White Chocolate Streusel. Freeze.


Lemon Glaze


Lemon Puree (25 g)

Absolute Crystal (500 g)

Water (25 g)

Apple Green colour (0.5 g)


  • Boil everything and cool overnight in the chiller.



Unmold mousse and warm Lemon Glaze and blend to emusify before glazing apple mousse. Decor with Plastic Chocolate and Mint Leaf.

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