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Since 2004

These are the great men and women who have contributed to the growth and success of SJCC.
Their dedication and passion are remarkable. 

Past Chairmans

Jasmine Ng (Co-Founder)

Eileen Phua (Co-Founder)

Ignatius Leong

Past Vice-Chairmans


Derrick Lau

Gary Lim

Past Presidents

Tay Soo Ling

Jasper Jek

Elvin Chew

Past Vice-Presidents 

Jeremy Lin

Jimmy Lim

Kelly Ng

Jayson See

Belinda Ng

Dexter Lim

Andy Tan

Past Committee Members

Jane Chung

Foo Chen Chin

Stewart Fu

Daniel Chin

Jenna Goh

Trevor Paulo

Maureen Tan

Wong Shi Xian

Alex Phan

Wang Zheng Qiang

Nixon Low


Xu Tianmu

Joab Wang

Sam Yilin

William Liou

Benedict Lim

Nick Tan

Tan Wei Shan

Norman Wong

* Please notify us if we have missed out your name by chance. 

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